FootSecure: India's first podiatry chain (www.footsecure.com) will be organising the 6th edition of its flagship event, PODOCON on 25th and 26th May 2024, PODOCON is celebrated as the organisation's Foundation Day. PODOCON 2024 is organised in association with the Indian Institute of Science, American Limb Preservation Society and Diabetic Foot Society of India

The previous five editions covered diagnostics, offloading, dressings, regenerative medicines, and Diabetic Foot Technologies. The theme of the 6th edition of PODOCON will be Biomechanics in Diabetic Foot, where we shall be discussing Biomechanics in Surgical Offloading, Charcot Foot, Charcot Reconstruction, Biomechanics of Offloading footwear, and pedorthosis. The scientific milieu, comprising panels and symposia, will provide the latest research from across the globe.

The conference would host about 500 plus delegates, including Diabetic Foot Surgeons, Orthopaedic Surgeons, Plastic Surgeons, Diabetologists, Endocrinologists, Podiatrists, Physicians, Entrepreneurs, Key Opinion Leaders, Researchers, Innovators, and decision-makers from across India and neighbouring countries.

Organizing Team

Dr Sanjay Sharma
Founder FootSecure

Dr Belehalli Pavan
Founder – strideAide

Dr Anant Suresh
Dean IISc

Conference Highlights 25th & 26th May 2024

  • Advanced Wound Dressings & Regenerative Medicine in DFC
  • Biomechanics & Gait in DFC
  • Community Engagement, Education & Research in DFC
  • Counselling & Psychotherapy for DF Patients
  • Diabetes, Neuropathy and Infection Management in DFC
  • Newer Technologies for Assessment & Management of DFC
  • Offloading Gears, Pedorthics & Footwear for DFC
  • Surgical Offloading in DFC & Charcot Reconstruction
  • Vascular Interventions for DFC

**DFC - Diabetic Foot Conditions

Workshop 24th May 2024

Biomechanics & Pedorthics Workshop led by Dr Paul Graham and Dr Bijan Najafi

Non-Medical Topics of Interest 25th May 2024

Communication Workshop for Clinicians Open Mic

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Delegate Registration

Early Bird

20th Jan – 15th April 2024

Conference Fees

₹ 3,540 / $89

Workshop Fees

₹ 23,600 / $413

Second Slab

16th April – 15th May 2024

Conference Fees

₹ 5,900 / $118

Workshop Fees

₹ 35,400 / $531

Spot Registration

15th May Onwards 2024

Conference Fees

₹ 9,440 / $177

Workshop Fees


** Note Above Fee is inclusive of GST 18%

Registrations are now closed!

International Speakers

Dr Bijan Najafi - USA

Dr David Armstrong - USA

Dr Lee Rogers - USA

Dr Paul Graham - Australia

Dr Prashant Nagaraj - UK

National Speakers

Dr Arun Maiya


Dr Amit Burande


Dr Amit Jain


Dr Anant Suresh


Dr Ashu Rastogi


Dr Madhu Periaswamy


Dr Rajesh Kesavan


Dr Sandeep Suri


Dr Sanjay Vaidya


Dr Saurabh Mishra


Dr Sravan Sunderajan


Dr Tushar Rege


Dr Vijay Vishwanathan



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Workshop on Biomechanics and Orthotics in Diabetic Patients

Join us for a comprehensive learning experience tailored for healthcare professionals and researchers.

Led by International Faculty: Dr. Paul Graham and Dr. Bijan Najafi

Topics Covered:

  • Biomechanics in Diabetic Patients
  • Role of Gait Analysis & Plantar Pressure Scans
  • Biomechanical Assessment, Treatment Planning, and Patient Education
  • Assessment of Foot for Custom Insole Design
  • Prescribing Orthomechanical Devices for Diabetic Patients
  • Offloading Techniques
  • Fit and Function of Various Footwear for Diabetic Patients

Don't miss this invaluable opportunity to expand your expertise. Reserve your spot today!

Date: 24th May 2024

Time: 9:30 am onwards

Venue: Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru

Registration: Register Here

For Enquiries, contact:

Phone: +91 9538115187 / 6363842861
Email: podocon2024@gmail.com

Time Session Speakers
07:15:00 - 09:15:00 Walkathon - 3K Diabetic Foot Awareness (Foot Secure to JN TATA Auditorium, IISc)
09:30:00 - 09:40:00 Oral Paper Presentation
09:40:00 - 10:00:00 Confronting Complexities: A Deep Dive into Vascular Intervention Challenges in Diabetic Foot Care Dr. Sravan Sunderrajan
10:00:00 - 10:20:00 Exploring the Connection: Vascular Conditions and Their Biomechanical Effects on Diabetic Foot Health Dr. Saurabh Rai
10:20:00 - 10:40:00 The Frontier of Regenerative Therapies in Diabetic Foot Conditions Dr. Rajeev Singh
10:40:00 - 11:00:00 Beyond Bandages: Elevating Diabetic Foot Ulcer Care with Advanced Dressings Dr. Sanjay Vaidya
11:00:00 - 11:20:00 Glimpse into Pioneering Innovations in Advanced Dressings for Diabetic Foot Ulcer Care Dr. Lee C. Roger
11:20:00 - 11:40:00 Infection Management in Diabetic Foot
11:40:00 - 12:00:00 Beyond Medication: Lifestyle Modification for DFC Dr. Vijay Kumar
12:00:00 - 12:20:00 Crucial Cornerstone: Diabetes Management's Vital Role in Diabetic Foot Care Dr. Ravi Kumar Y.S.
12:20:00 - 12:40:00 Addressing Complexities and Overcoming Challenges in Surgical Offloading Dr. Rajesh Kesavan
12:40:00 - 13:00:00 Surgical Offloading Dynamics: Biomechanical Shifts Pre and Post-Surgery Dr. Madhu Periaswamy
13:00:00 - 13:45:00 Lunch
13:45:00 - 14:25:00 Expert Debate: Pros and Cons of Surgical Offloading in Diabetic Foot Care Dr. Madhu Periaswamy, Dr. Rajesh Kesavan, Dr. Sanjay Vaidya, Dr. Tushar Rege, Dr. Lee C. Roger
14:25:00 - 14:45:00 Charcot Reconstruction: Innovating Low-Cost Indigenous Solutions Dr. Amit Burande
14:45:00 - 15:05:00 Charcot Foot: Biomechanical Analysis Before and After Reconstruction Surgery Dr. Lee C. Roger
15:05:00 - 15:25:00 Optimal Care for Charcot Foot Before and After Reconstruction Dr. Prashant Nagaraj
15:25:00 - 15:45:00 Strategies for Charcot Foot Management Dr. Amit Burande, Dr. Sandeep Suri, Dr. Lee C. Roger, Dr. Prashant Nagaraj, Dr. Amit Jain
16:00:00 - 16:30:00 Valedictory

Our Sponsorship

Sponsor Title Slots Available Academic Session Booth (3mt x 3mt) Conference WebSite Program Booklet Thank you Panel Kit Insert Access to Speaker Lounge No of Company Representatives Complimentary Registrations Exclusive of GST
1 Platinum Sponsor 1 20min 3 Units 6 10
2 Gold Sponsor 2 10min 2 Units 4 8
3 Silver Sponsor 3 NA 1 Unit 4 6
4 Bronze Sponsor 4 NA 1 Unit 3 4
5 Biomechanics Masterclass 1 20min NA 4 4
6 Orthosis Masterclass 1 20min NA 4 4
7 Gala Dinner 1 NA 1 Unit 4 6
8 Walkathon 1 NA NA 4 0
9 Lunch Symposium 2 30min NA 4 8
10 Speaker Gifts / Momentoes 1 NA NA 3 4
11 Exhibition Booth 20 NA 1 Unit 2 4
12 Conference Bag 1 NA NA 2 4
13 Exhibition Table 10 NA Table Only 2 4

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How can I register for the conference?

Visit www.podocon.com

Can I register at the Venue?

There would be no physical registration desk at the venue; you are encouraged to register online.

How can I pay for the conference registration?

You can pay using your debit/credit card or UPI.

Can I pay using foreign currency?

Yes, please click on the link named “International payments.”

I have payment issues. How do I address it?

Our payment gateways are through Razor Pay; if you have not received an acknowledgement from Razor Pay, your payment has not come through, and you will get the monies back into the source account as per the policies of Razor Pay. If you have received an email/SMS from Razor Pay, that is an acknowledgement of registration, and you shall get the updates from the conference secretariat nearing the conference dates.

Can I transfer the registration?

Yes, please write to us on podocon@footsecure.com

Can I cancel the registration?

Yes, you can cancel the registration on or before 15th May 2023 and avail yourself of a full refund. After 15th May 2023, you will not be eligible for a refund if you cancel.

Will I get the recording of the conference or the slides presented by the speakers?

The speaker owns data presented in conferences, and each speaker’s preferences for the distribution of the data vary. Keeping this in mind, we do not share the recordings of the conference.

Is there a way to attend this conference online?

No, we encourage you to participate physically and network with fellow clinicians.

Are there any group discounts?

If you are in a group of 5 or above, please write to us for group discounts.

What are the accommodation options near the Venue?

What happens if the Organizers cancel the event?

In the rarest of rare circumstances, if we happen to cancel the event, you will get a full refund.

I am a student are there any discounts for attending the conference?

The registration fee is minimal; if you need a discount, please contact us with your ID proof and the Student ID Card.

I have additional questions; whom should I contact?

Please write to podocon@footsecure.com

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