Dr. Kim JeeHee

  • Dr. Jeehee Kim is in charge of R&D center and Diabetic foot ulcer and skin regeneration SBU as a president at ROKIT Healthcare. 
  • She is also working on global clinical studies that maximize the use of 4D bioprinting technology to offer breakthrough, customized, autologous treatment solution especially for diabetic wound. 
  • She leads to get several business partnership contracts with global pharma/medical companies and recently she and her SBU team have launched DFURegen(DFU Regeneration) Platform in the world. 
  • Before joining ROKIT, she was a general manager at LG Chem specializing in toxicology and European regulatory affairs to support eco-friendly product development. 
  • Kim graduated with a PhD in stem cell biology from the University of Munich, Germany (Ludwig-Maximilians University of Munich). She finished an M.S. in dental science from the Seoul National University in Korea followed by postgraduate associate years in stem cell center at the Yale University School of Medicine, USA. 
14:30:00 PM -14:50:00 PM

Saturday 27th May 2023

4D Bioprinting & Dermal Regeneration